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When it comes to maintaining our dental health we expect conscientious, thorough and overall high quality care. Maintaining your oral health is crucial and a high quality dentist can completely transform the functional nature of your teeth and aesthetic of your smile. There are a number of dentists that provide a range of general and cosmetic dentistry services with personalised dental care and treatment plans.
The dental profession has been changing profoundly, with ever-increasing emphasis on technical skills and technologies to give patents quality treatment options. A good quality dentist will stay up to date with technological advances in the dental industry in order to provide better clinical skills.
Good dentistry is not just about gum and teeth, its about the overall well-being of the patient. Good dentists work collaboratively with the patients other healthcare providers, making referrals for matters requiring an internist or other professional. You will find that good dentists are committed to providing routine preventive dentistry that involves periodic examinations, hygiene therapy, sealants and fluoride treatment. These treatments will prevent future expensive and time consuming dental procedures. High quality and detailed dental work will normally lasts longer periods, whereas low-quality work may decay in a few years
As with all health-care choices, when it comes to choosing a dentist, it is a process that needs careful research, including and setting up visits with prospective providers. A good dentist must also be very understanding of patients’ needs and anxieties, and have the ability to communicate openly with staff and patients. If you want a beautiful smile to last a lifetime it is crucial that you visit a practice providing quality dentistry in order to maintain your oral health.

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Dr Sandra Short is a dentist based in Double Bay, Sydney who provides quality dental care and treatment in a variety of procedures. For more information please visit http://www.dentartistry.com.au

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