Whiten my teeth Do The Benefits Of Dental Implants Outweigh The Costs? Posted By: Dr Sandra Short

Often when it comes to selecting a restorative treatment many people base their decision on cost. The cost of dental implants can range depending on whether upper or lower tooth implants are required and taking into consideration, the individuals particular oral condition. In some cases you may have additional costs of a posterior mandible, bone regeneration, sinus elevation, and wide diameter or narrow diameter implants. Although dental implants may be a costly procedure they deliver a long lasting smile and will prove to be value for money. If oral health is maintained with regular maintenance dental implants can last a lifetime.
Dental tooth implants duplicate your tooths structure. A Dental implants dentist replaces your missing teeth by placing the tooth implant on an artificial tooth root made of biocompatible materials, which are implanted into the jawbone using a painless and simple procedure. This metal does well in the body and rarely causes any reaction in patients. It is the same material that is used in knee and hip replacements.
Dental tooth implants are uniquely designed with small holes at the outside surfaces, like the roots of natural teeth. These holes cause the tooth implants to stimulate bone growth. Over time, the bone tissue actually grows into the small holes, securing the implant.
There are a number of restorative options for the treatment of missing teeth, though none have proven to be as functional and highly effective as dental implants. Dental tooth implants will restore both the functionality and enhance the aesthetics of your smile. If the cost of dental implants are preventing you from having the procedure it is worth investigating the range of payment options dentist have or talking to your local dentist about the cost of teeth implants

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Dr Sandra Short is a dentist based in Double Bay, Sydney who provides special treatment in dental implants. For more information please visit http://www.dental-implants-double-bay-sydney.com.au

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